About Us

The TURNING CIRCLE brand was introduced to offer a good level of choice to the garage of quality products at competitive prices.

All TURNING CIRCLE steering & suspension parts are manufactured in world wide locations offering either OE, TS, QS or ISO Accreditation. This means that each product as a minimum conforms to Block Exemption EC1400/2002 Matching Quality regulations to ensure that all products are of a consistently high quality for Fit and Forget confidence.

This means that they can be fitted to your customer’s vehicle with the confidence that they will perform to the same high performance as the OE equivalent.

The TURNING CIRCLE range currently offers over 2,800 references covering 90% of the UK car parc, with new numbers added on a regular basis.

To further fulfil the garages requirements all fast moving references are available locally, see branch locator.

The TURNING CIRCLE brand is exclusively available from Andrew Page Ltd.

Andrew Page and Turning Circle are helping to smooth out the bumps of the

Contact your local Andrew Page branch, the exclusive UK distributor of the
Turning Circle brand for more information.